We’re past the NBA Finals and not quite ready to dive into the NBA draft, so we brought on FanRag Sports’ Zach Harper for an hour-long podcast running through a ton of hypothetical scenarios. Consider this an NBA edition of Would You Rather?

 Among the scenarios discussed:
  • Would Zach rather have the current Timberwolves situation or Stephen Curry on the team, but David Kahn still around?
  • Who wins in a seven-game series: the 2012 Bobcats (who went 7-59), or the four WarriorsAll-Stars playing four-on-five?
  • How good would the Cavaliers be if LeBron James never returned?
  • Andrew Wiggins or Zach LaVine?
  • Only one of the two 76ers’ young stars can stay healthy-ish for the next five years. Either Joel Embiid plays 60 games in each of the next five seasons or Ben Simmons plays in every game. Which would you take?
  • 40-year-old LeBron, or Wizards Michael Jordan?

Source: Yahoo

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