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The Adidas Superstar has been through many changes since its debut in 1969, the model picking up new materials every couple of years that deviate from the original construction. Never has the shoe looked less like the original than on this new leaked design called the Adidas Superstar Primeknit Boot.

As the name promises, there’s Primeknit. A lot of Primeknit. The typical silhouette is extended way, way up via a black and white striped piece that easily makes this the tallest Superstar ever.

There’s no sneaker release date info available yet for this strange 2017 Superstar style, but it’s listed as sold out on Adidas’ site here.

Adidas’ other big remix this year for this heritage silhouette is the Boost version, which adds the brand’s most celebrated cushioning technology to the sole.

Adidas Superstar Primeknit Boot Back

Image via Adidas
Adidas Superstar Primeknit Boot Medial

Image via Adidas

Source: Complex Sneakers

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